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Avoiding Errors With Resilient Channels

Here are the details on sound proofing resilient bars or channels. One of the most important details is to install these supports with the proper edge up -- and avoid short circuiting the sound path with your screws.

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Kyle on January 21, 2021 09:45

How do you properly cut resilient channels to size ?

Hello Kyle,
You could just use tin snips but that is always a bit rough. You can cut, or gang cut all steel studs, corner beads and resilient channels with a metal blade in a circular saw.

A pro actually has a guillotine tool with forms to fit each sheet metal shape for quick clean cuts.


Dale Armstrong on December 25, 2016 20:56

Is there any way to hang shelving (that is going to hold a lot of weight) in a wall with Resilient channels?

Hello Dale
If the "lot of weight" is pulling away from the wall, screws will rip out of the metal channels, and since the channels are already bending outwards a bit with the weight of the drywall, more weight would only risk badly deforming the channel.
The best is to simply use screws into the channel to hold the shelves in place, but not carry the weight. You can do that by building vertical support, decorative or just 2x2s both front and back of the shelves. Since you are dealing with sound you may want to put rubber pads under each vertical support. Then simply have a few brackets that screw into the resilient channels -- about half-way up and then at the top, to prevent the almost freestanding shelves from moving.

Jackie on April 03, 2016 03:19

How far apart are the resilient channels? 16" or 24" on center?
I read some where in the review that it says 24"

Hi Jackie,
24" is preferred, unless there is some reason for more strength. This gives the least contact to the studs while still holding the boards in place and flat.
-- Jon

kevin on November 21, 2014 18:16

Is there are a resilent channel that can hold 3) 5/8 sheets of dry wall

Hello Kevin,
That's a lot of weight to try and hang on a flexible mounting. I could contact tech services of CGC or one of the drywall manufacturers.
-- Jon

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