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Control Paper Fuzz


When the paper on drywall has been torn, the edges tend to have little fibers that never seem to go away even though we plaster, sand and paint.

Watch the simple step that solves this problem.


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Jon on December 15, 2010 20:14

Hello Brad,

Freezing those fibers with shellac should be all the priming you need to do.  If your bathroom is humid enough to be swelling the drywall I think you need an exhaust fan and/or dishumidstat more than special primer paint.

Brad Jackson on November 15, 2010 11:54

Hi Jon,I have several places on my bathroom drywall that are torn and/or waffled. I recently removed old wallpaper. If I apply the shellac,let it dry,sand, and then put joint compound or spakle on it, sand gain and prime, should it be okay to then paint?I have read that I need either an oil based primer or Zinsser Gardz High Performance Sealer, to solve the drywall bubbling issue before I paint. My plans are to use a final coat or latex paint semi-gloss. What are your thoughts? Thanks, Brad

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