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Filling Large Holes

Patching large holes in drywall requires some kind of backing.  In fact the largest part of the hole is usually filled with a trimmed piece of drywall (or any panel 1/2" thick) and then you only have the task of taping and covering the joint between the wall and the plug. 

The exception to these traditional methods is the very convenient self adhering mesh.


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Jon on March 11, 2014 09:59

One strange tile in a wall looks -- well, strange. Actually if you remove two more, almost randomly on the wall and fill in with some kind of a pattern or even cut tiles with the edges rounded over can make a "decoration" effect.
see for an example.

jim on December 20, 2013 12:56

I have hole where tile dish was how do i fill that gap can't find any tile to match so have to come up with a coordinate match would appreciate your help

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