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Taping Joints

Here is a basic overview of the first step in taping joints. Subsequent videos will give you even more detail on techniques.

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Jon on March 22, 2013 12:42

I support you 100% Brian.  I would add two details:

1- taper the edge of the plaster just a bit, to prevent a sharp edge that is difficult to feather over

2- remember that there is no way in the world you will sand off any excess Durobond90 -- so make sure the tape is shallow and all excess is scraped off while it is wet.

3- perhaps a third point for beginners, don't mix more than you can use in about 20 minutes, or it will get too stiff to work with.

For lots of details on compounds check out the video you will find in the index on the left: Drywall Joint Compounds / Choosing The Right Compound.


brian on January 27, 2013 16:09

Quite often I will need to modify an old plaster wall. when new drywall is butted to the edge of the cut plaster wall; taping the joint is far more effective if the first tape coat is durobond90 rather than ready mix mud. Ready mix or sheetrock 90 often react with the lime in the plaster but do not with durobond. (you may not see the efflourescence until paint is applied)I also use durobond to prefill large joints before taping

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