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Gypsum Panels

Selecting, storing, manipulating and cutting drywall are all important parts of a good drywall job. 

There are many types of drywall available, many more than you see in the renovation centres so for a special job, you may want to special order. 

Although damage to drywall panels can be repaired, the job goes smoother and faster if you handle and cut the panels in a manner that keeps them flat and smooth.

The video on this page shows details on cutting panels with especially important information on how to "chair" the boards to avoid drywall joints in the corners of windows and doors.

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Brent on May 20, 2016 00:19

I use is instead of drywall OSB for ceilings put the full sheet on the floor texture with pre mixed drywall compound using the palm of your hand let dry then apply paint with rollers add 2cups baking soda to paint and then thin with water as 1gallon will do 3times the area the baking soda also will make the wood near fire proof and mold will not grow also if there I smokers stains all you need to do is spritz with a. Bit of water and vinegar and the color returns to its original state the sheets can and cut to what ever size once on the ceiling texture the cracks with hand and dab with paint brush .my ceiling was done 30 years ago and looks brand new

linda J. on January 11, 2015 06:39

Great site! Thank you so much.
I was about to paint the hallway but, after all the furniture & pics etc were removed, not only do I see pop nails markings but I
can see exactly where the gyp sheets meet!!! What's the best & easiest way to solve the problem. Retape? Re-mud? Build up & taper with mud? L.

Hello Linda,
First fix the nail pops -- there is a whole video just for that in this series. Then look at the Light, Shadows and Paint video in the "Taping Joints" menu. That will help you to size up how bad it is.
You can just add some compound over shrink marks between panels. Paper that is too high might need to be removed -- scratch the paint, add water with a sponge and the old compound will soften enough to simply remove the paper. Then wipe it clean down to bare drywall and start over.
-- Jon

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