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Drywall Repairs

This is a quick overview of using self-adhesive grills for patching holes.

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Jon on June 18, 2010 20:14

The most important aspect of that electrical box is that it is solidly attached to something.  If it is screwed or nailed into a stud and you just have a gaping hole around it, then you can use any of the repair techniques to simply fill in up to the box.  If that box is hanging by its wires then you need to do more -- something to make it solid. 

Either find a way to attach it to a stud -- or if there is no stud near-by you will have to open the hole larger, install a solid piece of drywall and then use the techniques shown in the video for attaching Electrical Boxes with No Studs.

I hope this helps.


Julie on June 13, 2010 12:03

I've been looking everywhere for a specific fix and cannot seem to find one. My ex cut a hole around the light switch leaving a hole in the wall exposing the electrical wires that run up to the ceiling. I have a light switch exposed with the drywall all cut away from it. Should I cut the hole larger and redo the electrical box hole like your video or should I piece the drywall into 4 around the electrical box?

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