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Types Of Panels

Here are some details on the most common types of drywall panels that you might be using in your renovation projects.  You will discover that there are many more types than you might have thought -- each panel with its own special application. 

New in 2010 is the introduction of light weight gypsum panels.  At first only available in standard 1/2" panels, the light weight technology is coming slowly to all the type of panels, most notable to fire resistant panels as well.  These new panels are lighter, stronger and only a little more expensive.  Eventually they will probably totally replace the old standard panels.

As well the video has a demonstration of how to and how not to bend drywall around curves.

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mary anne on June 04, 2014 17:13

can u put sound proffing drywall on floors, then cushioning and lamenet

Hello Mary Anne,
Drywall is not generally considered strong enough for a flooring material. There do exist special, very expensive, drywall panels that can convert sound to heat and they are very effective. You are probably better off with rubber based materials specifically designed for sound proofing.
-- Jon

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