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Less pain, less cost upgrading from Win7

Scroll down for an incredible trick to make your old computer stop that whining fan noise, or click here.


Win7 Upgrade

The publicity would have you think that now that Microsoft is ending support for Win7, you must buy a new computer.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  Almost all laptops and desktops that have legal copies of Win7 can be upgraded to Win10 for a fraction of the cost of a new computer and still run almost all of your old software.

So if you are not the type that wants a new computer every year for the latest little improvements, I asked my good friend and laptop genius Richard Eckerlin to walk us through this.  Whether you hire Richard to make the upgrade for you (very competent and inexpensive) or you do it yourself or even you hire someone else to do it, as a consumer, the following will help to keep you out of trouble and prevent you getting ripped off.

It is true that not all software running under Win7 will necessarily run under Win10, especially software that is no longer even supported by its authors.  The only way to run this software next year would be to keep your existing Win7 machine on the shelf and far from internet and virus connections.

I have one old XP machine that I keep running just for one very old graphics presentation program that has never been re-created beyond XP – the same I used on 8 years of HGTV television live broadcasts and still use in teaching venues – just to point out that machine progress is not necessarily performance progress.


To upgrade a computer to Win10 from Win7 you have two choices after backing up all your data: 

A - Leave all the old software and apps on the old computer with an upgraded operating system – the quickest way to go but you may be bringing some sluggishness and some viruses of the old machine over to its upgraded version;

B – Keep all the data but erase all the programs and then do a clean install on the upgraded machine – more time consuming but better final performance.  By the way, with a brand new Win10 computer you will have to reinstall programs anyway.


So here are Richard’s Top 10 Tips to upgrade a machine to Win10:

1) Backup your files on an external USB stick or Hard Drive before you start.

2) Remove any Wireless Mouse USB transceiver before you start.

3) Perform any Windows 7 or 8.1 Updates before you start.

4) Remove all Viruses from Windows 7 or 8.1 before you start.

5) Certain HP Laptops require a BIOS Upgrade before you start.

6) If you plan to upgrade to 32-bit Windows 10, use Windows 10 version 1803, not higher.  (Most new machines and many old machines are runing on 64-bits and the version of Win10 must match the machine.)

7) Once you upgrade to Windows 10, spend the next several hours performing all Windows 10 "Updates". Do not get lazy as some technicians do and skip these updates. They are VERY important.

8) Some Anti-Virus programs like Norton may "block" Windows 10 Updates. You may be required to totally remove the Anti-Virus program and re-install later.

9) If you do a "Clean" install of Windows 10, please have your original install keys or certificates of authenticity handy in order to re-install software like Microsoft Office 2013, 2016 or 2019. These versions "encrypt" their licenses, so you require the original 25-digit codes in order to re-install.

10) Do NOT purchase a Windows 10 software package thru the Big-Box Stores. Not only is this the most expensive $$$ way to go ($200+ taxes without installation) but this software even if never opened is NOT returnable and they will NOT give you your money back. Instead find an honest computer technician that can "LEGALLY" upgrade you to Windows 10 and can also perform the work for under $100 dollars.

(C) Copyright 2019 by Richard Eckerlin (16 Westminster Ave. N., Montreal West 438-938-6240)

Honest Computer Technician in business since 1986 (33+ Years Experience).

Hours 12PM (Noon) to 6PM Monday thru Saturday.

Open during the holidays except for Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Years Day.

Telephone:  (439) 938-6240


 Tell him Hi from Jon Eakes.


Quieting a whiney computer

A year later (2021), I still need one of my old Win7 laptops for one program that I cannot replace, but the high-pitched whine of the fan is driving me crazy.  I started looking into replacing this now very old fan, so I called Richard to talk about it.  He said to do nothing before bringing it into his little shop and promised that I would walk out 10 minutes later with good if not great improvement in the quietness of this machine.  He understates as usual.  Usually, a sales pitch like that would put me off – but after over 15 years of miracles from Richard I drove over to Montreal West. 

He dumped the computer on its head and pointed to the ventilation grills on the bottom with a smirk on his face – yes, they were white with a crust of dust right on the outside of the machine.  He then fired up his compressor (he never uses the air in a can because if you happen to tilt the can just wrong, the liquid propellent in the can will come squirting out the straw and possibly corrode rather than clean the electrical contacts).  So, with just the right pressure on this dust filtered compressor he proceeded to choke us both up with a cloud of dust, first from one fan, then from the other.  That’s it, that’s all -- $20 – and I have to now stop and look to see if that laptop is still running!

Most computer repair stations will sell you a complex contract for taking things all apart and cleaning them out – when all they really do is blow out the dust just like Richard did.  The difference is Richard admits what he is doing and charges more than reasonably. 

Yes, this is an endorsement for one of the most competent and most honest tiny little basement repair shops I have ever found.  By the way, he specializes in removing viruses and even unlocking hijacked computers.  He has even recuperated unpublished books for known authors that had vaporized in their file system.  Don’t ask me how he does it – it just works. 


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