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  • Cleaning metal files -- File Cards

    Many people don't realize it but you can bring old files back to life just by cleaning the junk that has accumulated in the grooves. This is done with a special wire brush, called a "File Card". You can get them at any hardware store, next to the files.
  • TIP - cleaning burs off of cut bolts.

    Keith from Thunder Bay, Ontario has a great tip to help get the bur off of the end of a machine bolt when you cut it with a hack saw.First thread a nut onto the bolt.Then cut the bolt to length.When you unscrew the nut, it will force the burr out.Then a light stroke with a file will take off the ...
  • Sharpening saw teeth.

    Want to sharpen you own hand saws? You do need a few special tools to do a good job.First you need something to hold a smooth flat file perpendicular to the saw. You can buy a commercial jig for this, or make one out of a simple piece of wood as shown in the first photo. You must start every f...
  • Sharpening hand saws - Western and Japanese

    The first step in sharpening any hand saw is to sandwich it into a vise or between two pieces of wood that can keep the metal from vibrating, and driving you crazy, while sharpening. This is not just for comfort. If the blade vibrates too much, the file cannot dig into the metal.Next you ne...
  • Oscillating Tools


  • Keeping a laptop going (quietly) - from Win7 to Win11

      Ultra Soft -- the Montreal store that still solves LAPTOP problems I keep finding myself going back to the first laptop store in Montreal, now a tiny basement workshop at 16 Westminster Ave in Montreal West called UltraSoft.  After all the big stores and websites have stolen away the market f...