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Material removal covers just about everything other than sawing.

The oscillating tool has sharp knives, often called scrapers, which slice through material too soft to cut with a saw blade. 

Digging material out of slots is a unique challenge and the oscillating tool has special blades just for this task.

Of course Grinding and Sanding is our most common of material removal tasks.

The oscillating tool does each of these task in its own unique way, even distinguishing its sanding functions from those of an orbital sander.


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jon on March 22, 2013 12:48

Mike, I am not sure that I would use the oscillating knives as my preferred tool for removing old paint -- unless it is so thick that you can actually dig into it.  The problem is that on a very thin coating it is too easy for the blade to dig into the surface below and give you a lot of puck marks to cover up later.

If the paint is really thick, just remove what wants to flake off or seporate easily from the rest with the oscillating knife.  Then move to a heat gun and do a final cleaning with chemicals -- click here for details.

mike on February 02, 2013 09:59

how to remuve old paint ,,the ezy way

Bjorn on August 23, 2010 15:01

I am new to the tool, but your comments were very helpfull

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