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Tooth Breakage & Wear

All blades wear and the Japanese teeth can break off, but with certain techniques you can make them last longer than usual.  At times you need to make the cut despite the knowledge that it will scrap your blade, like using the nail cutting bi-metal blades to cut a hardened screw or an ancient square iron spike when the alternative is either not getting the job done, or having to create far more damage in digging out the offending fastener.

On the other hand, when a blade is dead and cuts no more, quit trying to use it -- you are just engaging in an exercise in frustration -- unless you want to grind off all the teeth and make it into a scraper blade!



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mike hamilton on October 26, 2015 20:01

these tools are great EXCEPT for the cost of the blades !
reminds me of printers.
cheap but for the cost of the ink!

Hello Mike,
The only good news is that with more and more manufacturers making oscillating tools and blades, the cost is coming down.
But as is often said, there are some jobs that just can't be done well without this tool, and then the blade's cost is less bothersome - especially if you are paying by the hour.
-- Jon

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