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Digging out Material

Whether you are removing grout from between tiles, or caulking between two deck boards, the oscillating tool has special blades for each task.  

The unique movement of this tool throws less dust and disturbs the sides of the slots less than any other tool. In addition you can run right up to obstructions by using flush cut techniques.


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jon on December 15, 2010 20:21

We are planning one on window caulking removial and until we get there let me mention that this one task is what destroys the most oscillating tools.  That stuff is either rock hard, or tough gummy.  Fein makes a special blade for this task, but only in their professional SuperCut series of tools -- precicely because without a lot of power and durability the caulking wins over the oscillating tool.  Today you probably can't find a crew that removes caulked windows for a living that doesn't have a Fein SuperCut tool.

Boris Mospan on October 03, 2010 16:23

A segment on window cauling removal wud be cool.

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