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Just what is an oscillating tool and what is so different about how it functions?  This is one multi-functioning tool that really does accomplish a wide variety of tasks extremely well.  In fact, for most renovators, it becomes addictive.

But before we even begin to use the tool it is important to know which accessory to use, how to mount and remount it in the tool and how to match speed and power to the task at hand.


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Paul Boutilier on November 17, 2012 10:10

Hi Jon. Been a long time. I use to watch you on tv and I also bought your book. Was good. Just found your Site last night. I have had a Fein for several years now. It makes quick work of projects that can take a long time if you are using hand tool. I will be watching more of your videos in the next few days. Thanks Paul

Rob Inglis on September 28, 2010 21:20

i own two multi masters and i will not let them out of my sight. I have sanded a 14 step wood stairway, i have used the carbide round disc to take tile cement off walls, i have cut drywall for electrical box outlets as well as wood, i have cut hardwood and many more jobs. The Fein product has no competitor. The power and the durability of the tool is amazing.

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