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Why hire a professional electrician?


Electrika logoPeople ask me for professional recommendations and I shy away from doing too much of that.  But the company Electrika is worth a special mention.  First they are competent at doing things right.  Second they are great at trouble shooting and figuring out problems.  You will be won over by their friendliness and on-time service.  You will receive a phone call about half an hour before they arrive at your house!  They provide 24/7 emergency service.  You can really have peace of mind with your critical electrical system.

You can buy all the electrical hardware you need at the renovation centre to do electrical work yourself so why hire a professional electrician?  Primarily because electricity is dangerous and far more complex than you think.  It is often possible to wire something so it works, but it could be a fire hazard, or you may have created stray currents that create heavy electromagnetic radiation, or you may have even unbalanced your electrical box so much that you are paying for more electricity than you are actually using.  We could also mention that in Quebec it is against the law for anyone who does not have an electrician’s license to do more than change a lightbulb.  In other provinces that rule varies, see my article on the “legality of DIY electrical and plumbing work”. 

Visit Electrika at and tell them that Jon Eakes sent you.

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