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Zoom Consultation - Detailing an in-floor heater

Video conferencing, like Zoom, is known for head-to-head talks, but it is also a dynamic tool for interactive inspections, remote on-site consultations, and remote on-site teaching.    In 2016 I tried to start a Zoom interactive webinar but back then, not many people were comfortable with video conferencing; we were too far ahead of the times. Now, thanks to the pandemic, everyone is plugged into one video conferencing medium or another.  Today I do most of my trouble shooting home inspections by Zoom and am beginning to do beginner apprentice or teaching sessions as well. Follow this link to see details on setting up a Zoom interactive session with me.

The following video is a complete excerpt from that Webinar series on safety questions of installing in-floor heating.    Follow this link to see a montage of 5 different Zoom inter-active consultations. 


Zoom Inspection - Detailing an in-floor heater

Kathy is installing a heavily insulated and heated tile floor in her kitchen renovation.  To get extra heat under the soon to be patio door, she has ordered a hydronic in-floor heating system – a radiator that sits inside the floor with a flush grill just in front of the patio door.  She has safety concerns about the three-inch-thick Styrofoam being too close to the heating unit.  You can see the answer in the video.

Looking back, I would just add that the rock wool insulation suggested in this video is really optional for hydronic heating, because it doesn’t get that hot, but would be a very good idea for an electric radiator, which gets much hotter than a hydronic radiator. 


You Can Do It

Remember that this homeowner is a fine handywoman but not a professional tradesperson, and not a camera professional either.  Sometimes in video conferences we discuss if the homeowner has the skills necessary to do a good job, or who they should hire – knowing, discovering or increasing your abilities as well as understanding your limitations is essential to a successful job.

Yes, you can do this as easily as recording your grand kids dancing.  Today we all have this technology, let’s use it in a way we have never done before.

Enjoy the show.

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