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Last Updated: , Created: Tuesday, September 14th, 1999

How do you properly stand a stud wall up against a basement wall?

When we are working with wood studs we generally build the wall on the floor and then lean it up to the wall. But in the basement we have all kinds of overhead obstructions, so if you just tip it up, you will probably find yourself blocked by pipes or ducts.

The secret is like in the photo, to build it on the floor with the top against the bottom of the wall. Then slide it up the wall, sneaking under all those obstructions.

I posted this article in 1999 -- and now in 2021 I want to update it with a new invention.  Before building any basement wall, I would now use the TekSill floor spacer on the bottom to assure water flow to a drain or sump pump under any plumbing spill or flooding conditions.  Take a look.

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