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Last Updated: , Created: Thursday, September 14th, 2000

Repairing Concrete Steps

Dave Ashberry of King Packaged Materials joins Jon in running down the various methods and products used making surface repairs to concrete.

Cracked corners or edges on concrete steps are a major hazard and should be fixed. Top & Bond is one of the basic surface patching materials available. Its holding power is increased if you use a bonding agent first. Note, you must apply the patch while the bonding agent is still tacky, not after it has hardened. Do not use a bonding agent if you are using a patching material that is "polymer modified", they may not be compatible.

Swift Set, shown in the photo, is a similar material designed for vertical applications where the slow setting time of Top & Bond would present a sagging problem. Rather than building forms, you just hold one trowel in place for a few minutes.

Patching materials are available at all renovation centres. Read the packages carefully to choose the one you need. Done properly with good materials, the patch can last quite a while.


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