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Last Updated: , Created: Thursday, September 14th, 2000

Refinishing hardwood floors -- without sanding

"Renewal" is the name of a floor refinishing product/system from Flecto-Varathane.

You take of any wax first. They only mention that in fine print and don't provide a wax remover, but the system will fail if you leave old wax on the floor.

Then the first product in the system removes the scuff marks.

The second takes off the shine, without sanding.

The third is an acrylic catalytic finish that gives a non-yellowing very hard finish to the floor.

All without sandpaper -- if you don't have scratches that go through the stain. Don't try using this system on any exposed wood, it is designed to go over existing finish. If you have bare wood, or bare wood spots, the etching solution will turn the wood black! If you have bare wood spots, you are stuck with sanding. The key here is if you 'Renew' a floor before it wears through the finish, you will never have to sand it. That can be essential for some thin veneer manufactured wood floors (real wood, not plastic laminates) that look good but sanding will go right through the veneer.

This can make such floors last forever, if you watch the finish carefully and 'Renew' before you need to sand. The acrylic catalytic finish is one of the best I have seen and I am dying for them to bring it out as a stand alone product for use on sanded wood.

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