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    Outdoor Electrical Outlets

    All outside electrical outlets must be protected with a gadget called a Ground Fault Interrupter or GFI. This can take the form of a special outlet (the one with the test button in the middle) or of a more expensive GFI circuit breaker at the breaker panel. A GFI in any electrical line then pro...
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    Trees causing problems with wires around the house.

    We took our TV cameras out to look at some tree limbs that should be trimmed back to protect telephone, cable or electrical wires from extra stress with the weight of winter snow and ice.With or without tree problems, you should take a look outside at all the wires attached to your house. Eac...
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    Removing broken light bulbs from their sockets

    Although half a potato will sometimes actually work to remove a broken light bulb from its socket, the gadget in the photo works every time. It is a rubber tipped socket that fits the center part of the light bulb. The plastic base can be screwed onto a broom stick. Remember if you are looking...