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Outdoor Electrical Outlets

All outside electrical outlets must be protected with a gadget called a Ground Fault Interrupter or GFI. This can take the form of a special outlet (the one with the test button in the middle) or of a more expensive GFI circuit breaker at the breaker panel. A GFI in any electrical line then protects all outlets that are further along that line. The GFI is not a fuse or a circuit breaker. It does not protect against fire. It protects against shock only, so you need both a fuse or a circuit breaker and a GFI on these lines.

In addition, all outdoor outlets need to be in weatherproof electrical boxes.

Remember that all electrical work requires a permit, some provinces allow homeowners to do their own electrical work and some provinces require liscensed electricians to carry out all such work. Click here for information on the LEGALITY OF DIY ELECTRICAL WORK.

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