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    Will more attic insulation cause problems in my attic?

    Ken in cold Saskatoon is worried that adding insulation to his attic will cause problems. The key is to insure that he has good ventilation coming in through the soffits and going out higher up on the roof.In this segment we showed how to go into the attic to see if daylight was visible around t...
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    Attic Ventilation -- Why and How

    Most people think that the purpose of attic ventilation is to remove moisture from the attic. That may be true in the spring, but the rest of the Canadian year it does other things.In the summer it generally reduces the temperature of the attic, reducing the need for or the cost of air condition...
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    Ceiling Fans and ceiling moldings

    John in Scarborough wanted to put a ceiling fan above his stairwell, but the existing electrical outlet was not in the middle. He tore the whole ceiling up (attic insulation and all) to manage to move the box over to the middle.We talked about his project and then I showed him the new light weigh...