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    Cold drafts through a new Patio Door that won't go away.

    Hugh from Vancouver wrote: Our patio door was single glazed and the cold came through it like there was no door there at all. We installed inside storms several years ago and the improvement was like night and day.A couple of years ago, we saw at a local mall show displays of their double g...
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    I need a new boiler for space heating. What should I buy?

    Elise from Montreal wrote: We bought a small warehouse that we converted into living space. Three years ago we changed all the piping for the hot water radiators. Now it is time to get rid of the very old and costly oil boiler. We are thinking of switching to an Electric boiler. Is this ...
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    Pro: Making Roof Trusses Work

    We would like to think that roofing systems today are well thought out, easy to assemble and trouble free. And then there is the real world. We went to the manufacturers of roofing systems and roofing components to get a handle on what are some of the real world field problems that shouldn't be...
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    Digging Post Holes Perfectly

    Jon welcomes Ron Sheppard of Perfect Post Hole in Toronto, a company that will come and use its power equipment to dig your fence or deck holes for you. If you want they will also install the posts.A service like this is a perfect example of how to combine hiring a contractor for the hardest wor...