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    Remove the outside air intake for the furnace when going all-electric?

    Gregory in Québec asked:   I recently replaced my oil furnace with a heat pump/electric furnace system. I live in the region of Montreal. The heat pump can heat/operate in temperatures as low as -30c. The oil furnace had an air intake duck supplying the furnace with outside (cold) air. I underst...
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    How to close off a chimney temporarily

    Jacqueline from Red Deer Alberta is trying to figure out how to close up her chimney between periods of using the fireplace, given that her damper is burned out and very difficult to replace. Closing off the top of the chimney There are dampers that go on the top of the chimney and are pulled t...
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    Overview - Condensation on the house side of thermal windows

    Richard writes in:   Hi, I could not find this second level question on your web site. I am familiar with the humidity levels required in a home to avoid condensation on the inside on a thermal pane window- we are still getting condensation with readings in the center of the room of 20 degree C ...
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    Stopping cold air drafts from ducts to the outdoors.

    I get a lot of complaints about cold air drafts coming in through ducts connected to the outdoors. Here are some solutions.  Butterfly dampers Any exhaust vent that rises up and out will have a tendency to let cold air fall back down that duct. Quality butterfly dampers are available that have ...
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    How to adjust door latches with Door-Tite!

    Some door latches are just not installed snugly, while some doors warp with the seasons and are too tight part of the time and too loose the rest of the time. Typically, the strike plate needs to be moved over a fraction of an inch for a good fit. The best way to do that is to fill the existing s...
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    How to properly duct an exhaust fan through a roof

    This item falls under the heading of 'things that homeowners can teach their contractor'. Unfortunately too many renovators do not know that you can cause serious damage to your roof if you don't duct exhaust fans completely out of an attic. Some know, but just don't care. You cannot just leave ...
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    A draft free mail slot - a counter top garbage trap - a central vac sweep door:

    Three of the most useful SLOTS you have ever seen.

      Slots are simply small passageways through something. In this segment we looked at three very nifty Slots -- all completely different.   THE INSULATED MAIL SLOT   How about a through the door mail slot that does not give you cold drafts? The Draft Dodger has two gasketed and spring load...
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    OVERVIEW:Improper exhaust fans can pollute your home -- could even kill you

    More and more people are asking for powerful kitchen range hoods or bathroom exhaust fans. The logic appears simple, increase the power of the exhaust fan and get rid of pollutants quicker. In more and more modern homes which have been weather-stripped and sealed against cold air leaks and heat l...
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    Green ooze from electrical outlets???

    Yes it happens -- but Why? Two viewers have strange problems with their electrical outlets. One has had bright green oily ooze coming out of an electrical outlet on and off for the last two years. Changing the outlet didn't stop it. Another has green deposits at the outlet every time she uses he...
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    Tips to applying window shrink wraps for the winter.

    Shrink to fit winter windows are really great draft stoppers and energy savers for old windows and patio doors.   Plastic has almost no R-value Since plastic and glass have no real R-value, the dead air space created between the plastic and the window is as good as can be created with another ...