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    Cleaning Electronic Air Filters

    When clean, electronic air filters are the most efficient furnace filters on the market - according to research at the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation. When dirty, they don't filter much at all. When in-between they can give off ozone. If you're a lazy homeowner, they probably won't do m...
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    Radiant Heating Systems for Homes

    Radiant Heating and Convection Heating are the two primary types of ways we heat our houses. FORCED AIR HEATINGConvection heating means moving hot air -- what we usually call a forced air heating system simply heats air and moves it around the house through a system of fans and ducts.  Forced air...
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    SAD -- Seasonal Affective Disorder -- it can be cured

    Feeling down, particularly in the Fall as the days get shorter? Sometimes it feels like the flue or it can even go to severe depression. This glum feeling in the Fall of every year has been tagged SAD or Seasonal Affective Disorder.It is attributed primarily to decreasing light exposure, but I ...
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    HRV ventilation system maintenance.

    The National Building Code of Canada, the basis for most building codes in the country, requires mechanical ventilation in all new housing because it is now recognised that our modern energy efficient homes must have the possibility of good through ventilation beyond opening windows.There are man...
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    For you DIY fanatics, the answer is YES.The University of Saskatchewan published a plan for one in the early 80's. It works; I even built one on TV. But it was hard to defrost, impossible to clean and we never did manage to get it out of the basement so it has been left there to be discovered b...
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    Overview: To HRV-ERV or not to HRV-ERV

    I am always amazed at house construction where so often things are half built or more while people are running around beginning to think about "extras" that should never be though of as "extras" but as part of the essential system. So time for one of my lectures -- (you asked for it).Heating is o...
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    HRV - both supply and exhaust ducted to furnace. Is this a good idea?

    I have occasionally been asked my opinion about a particular way to install a ventilation system (HRV - Heat Recovery Ventilator) that is considered acceptable in Ontario: Ducting both the supply and the exhaust runs of an HRV into the return air plenum of a forced air furnace. To understand t...