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    Pro: Drywall Nail Pops

    Most nail pops come from one of two basic causes: fiberglass holding the panel away from the stud, hence a gap between the stud and the panel; or shrinking wood.Assure contact between the panel and the stud at the moment the nail or screw is driven home and you avoid the first problem.The seco...
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    Electrical Tingling in the Plumbing!

    Here is a question and answer that you might find interesting."When we take a shower in the second bathroom of our house we bet a mild tingling when we touch the fixtures that the water comes out of. Our guest and family are really funny. They think that the tingling is because they feel inv...
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    Plumbing noise when you turn the water ON.

    Peter in Gander NF has the opposite problem of water hammer. When he turns the hot water ON in the shower, he gets a loud bang in the plumbing. Water Hammer is where you get a bang when you turn the water off.Peter's problem is usually caused by a washer type faucet that has a loose washer,...
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    Noise in the Plumbing Stack

    Barbara in Saskatoon is complaining about the noise in the plumbing stack every time someone flushes the toilet in the bathroom upstairs.In the old days that noise of falling water was muffled by the fact that the drain stack was made out of very heavy cast iron pipe. In the best of all worlds, ...
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    Why are electrical plug prongs different sizes?

    For electrical appliances to be safe it is important that the power comes through a fuse or circuit breaker, into the wall outlet, then the plug must take that same wire to the on/off switch of the appliance. This way, when the appliance is turned off, there is no power coming to the applian...
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    Plumbing noises from draining hot water

    Seigfried from Richmond Hill, Ontario hears some very strange creaking whenever he pulls the plug and lets hot water down his drainpipe. He sent us an audio recording of the noise which did help me to identify what was going on.Expansion and contraction of plumbing pipes, because of a sudden cha...
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    Oil smell from a furnace

    Tom in Newfoundland has problems of oil smells when the wind blows a certain direction.As you can see in his photo, the chimney is low for his own roof, and then overshadowed by the roof of the larger house -- causing the wind to blow right down the chimney. The rule of thumb is that if you m...