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    How to secure a ceiling fan

    On other shows we talked about wiring in ceiling fans -- today we dealt simply with how to attach it to the ceiling so that it does not come down on top of the bed like a giant blender.You cannot just attach it to the ceiling drywall.You cannot just attach it to a simple electrical box in the att...
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    Installing an outdoor electrical outlet

    My friend Keith the electrician from Accurate Electrical in Aurora, Ontario walked us through the installation of an outdoor outlet. Here are some interesting tips I picked up from him:On a brick wall, drill the wire hole and the screw anchor holes all on the face of one brick and not through...
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    Covering exposed kitchen wires

    Dorian from Toronto, Ontario is looking for ways to hide wires that run along the kitchen wall.There are several products on the market, from vinyl to metal, that will encase surface wires, keeping them clean and safe. Most of them will accept any paint to help them blend into the wall. Unfortu...
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    Which circuit breaker controls which outlet? The Circuit Detective.

    In this TV show I showed off two great electrical detective devices.The first is called an Inductive Voltage Detector and can be found at automobile supply stores. The one I showed had the trade name Circuit Alert and was made by GB Instruments. Somehow it knows if a wire is connected to the ho...
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    Installing a dimmer

    Installing a dimmer in place of a regular light switch is very simple. The one wire that the dimmer has that you will not find in the light switch is a green wire that is meant to go to "ground". You simply secure this wire under the head of one of the large grounding screws that are in the...
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    Two baseboard heaters connected to one thermostat.

    Frank is confused about series and parallel wiring. He wants to connect a small and a large baseboard heater to one thermostat and isn't sure how to go about it.Although physically the wires will run from the thermostat to one of the baseboards and then on to the other baseboard, the way they...
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    The Wire Stripper

    Every week on my TV show I would demonstrate a simple but useful tool, this time a very inexpensive but essential tool for all household electrical work. When you have what we call Lomax wire, that is regular household wire with the plastic sleeve, it is always a problem to strip off the plastic...
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    Hiding Surface Wires

    When we string new wires through the house, telephone, cable, speakers and the like, it would be nice to be able to hide them. One trick is to remove the quarter round trim from the floorboards and if there is a space behind the rug or under the floor board, the wire can go into that space and t...