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    Plunging a Clogged Sink: It's the UP stroke that counts!

      Disloving the problem If your sink is just suffering from a lot of face cream and shaving cream, the least expensive and most ecological solution is simply 1/2 cup of baking soda (try using a funnel to get it into the drain), followed immediately by a cup of vinegar.  Let it sit a few minutes...
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    How do you trace drains under the basement floor?

    The most effective technique, one that can save you hundreds of dollars of erroneous digging, is to use a "sonar probe".         This gadget is often combined with a video camera designed to look inside sewer pipes.           An emitter probe is snaked into the drain line. You walk...
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    Wash Down low flow dual flush toilets use water differently!

    Low flow toilets: do they work? do they not work? This is an ongoing very interesting debate. This history of the evolution was first written in 2001.  For the latest updates on this story and current data on toilets that do work, click here. The average Canadian household uses between 7 hundred...
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    All kinds of water flow problems.

    Several viewers are complaining about low water pressure in old houses. Old steel pipe tends to collect corrosion and calcium on the walls, enough to slowly choke off the flow of water. A look at the graphic shows what happens to water flow compared to a clean new 1/2 inch pipe. When it becomes r...
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    The low flush toilet controversy & MaP toilet testing

    (This is a real good example of a living history. I wrote the first part of this entry in 2001. With a book you would have to wait for the next edition for developments. With a bulletin board you would have to read a lot of old entries. What I love about my web site is that I can change, adapt an...
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    How to effectively plunge a toilet.

    First you have to have a toilet plunger. That is one that has a bulb shape, or a folded skirt inside a flat plunger. The round shape or skirt is needed to seal to the sides of the toilet bowl. A flat plunger just won't do the job.Then push down gently so as to not squirt everything all over th...
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    Replace the sewer line with a new pipe or an Epoxy liner?

    Broken sewage lines can cause a back-up into the house, but also cause underground pollution outside the house. They do need to be fixed as soon as it is identified that there is a problem. When the line is destroyed by crushing, or shifting ground, or a tree root that has crushed it through ex...