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    Zoom Consultation - Detailing an in-floor heater

    Video conferencing, like Zoom, is known for head-to-head talks, but it is also a dynamic tool for interactive inspections, remote on-site consultations, and remote on-site teaching.    In 2016 I tried to start a Zoom interactive webinar but back then, not many people were comfortable with video c...
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    How to stabilize a floor made out of only 2x4's.

    Pat has an 80 year old house and the previous owner built an addition onto it. The floor is tiled and when Pat looked underneath the floor to find out why it was so bouncy, she discovered (see the photo) that the floor joists were 2x4's turned flat! That's not a floor, that's a trampoline, and on...
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    My 20 x 20 ceiling is dipping down dangeriously.

    One viewer who caught my camera in a renovation store asked what to do about the 20 x 20 ceiling in his condo that was dipping down in the centre. A serious visible dip must be caused by someone having removed a support wall from the original construction. Each floor is designed to remain flat a...
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    Fire Safety & Installing Wood Burning Appliances

    Wood heating appliances get hot -- that's why we use them -- but they also burn down houses.  They are only safe if you install them safely.   -- Let's start with the fascinating process of how wood burns; -- and now let's see how that process can happen inside your walls or floors near woo...
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    Non-Slip steps & patios in tough weather

    The famous outdoor second story steps in downtown Montreal, an area they call Balconville because of all the open balconies with stairways, presents a real safety problem in those icy Montreal winters. The most common anti-slip treatment is to install a jute runner, commonly called Tapis CoC...
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    What to do and don't do when re-tiling a ceramic floor.

    I was invited over to shoot a re-tiling job for the TV show. The camera got there before I did, so they recorded some things that I thought would be good to show you so that I could point out why you should not work this way.Safety Glasses pleaseFirst our worker was hammering straight down on th...
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    Can I put in a hot tub without additional floor support?

    Gary in Portage La Prairie, Manitoba wants to put a hot tub on the main floor of his home, but he is rightly worried about if the floor can carry the weight.The answer is that very likely you will need additional support. Now obviously you don't want to call the local permits department to find ...
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    Transitions between floor coverings: Thresholds

    It is important when two different floor coverings are at different heights, that the transition is smooth so as to not cause people to stumble, or wheels to catch. In the photo you can see the difference between two thresholds that both rise up the same height, but one being very narrow, cr...