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    MAINLINE BACKFLOW VALVE - stoping basement flooding from sewer line back-up.

    INSPECT, MAINTAIN OR INSTALL A BACKFLOW VALVE UNDER THE BASEMENT FLOOR BEFORE DOING ANY RENOVATION WORK IN A BASEMENT.  It is always easier to install while the floor is bare than after the finished floor is destroyed by a flood.   Sewage back-up through the floor drain is prevented by a thing...
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    How do you trace drains under the basement floor?

    The most effective technique, one that can save you hundreds of dollars of erroneous digging, is to use a "sonar probe".         This gadget is often combined with a video camera designed to look inside sewer pipes.           An emitter probe is snaked into the drain line. You walk...
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    Stopping sewage back-up in the basement floor

    INSPECT, MAINTAIN OR INSTALL BACKFLOW DAMPERS UNDER THE BASEMENT FLOOR BEFORE DOING ANY RENOVATION WORK IN A BASEMENT. Installing a backflow valve between you and the city requires cutting into the concrete floor.  With our changing weather, this valve is almost always necssary and generally cod...
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    Help! My drains that are supposed to go uphill are coming back down.

    I have asked the plumber responsible for the work done whether it is normal for the laundry tub (now requires an electronic pump to drain) has water backing into it when it is rested. Approximately two inches fills the tub even after it is totally drained. Knowing very little about this stuff I h...
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    Blocking odours and gasses from basement floor drains.

    Typical of many older homes, two of our listners have large metal grates in the floor of the basement, covering a drain collection box. This box tends to stay wet, grow strange things and smell bad. That was acceptable when the basement was no more than a storage space, but when it is conve...
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    Odours coming from a basement floor drain.

    Joan from Windsor, Ontario has one of those large square floor drains with a heavy metal grate over it that are so common Ontario eastward. There are under slab pipes that come in and out of this collection box. The concept was designed as a drainage system for an empty storage space called...