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    How long should a ladder be? and How far from the wall?

    Dave from Ottawa writes : Is there a formula to determine the correct length of an extension ladder for a particular application? I suppose one should consider what is a safe overlap of the ladders, the length a ladder should extend beyond the point of contact where it touches the edge of the roo...
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    Speciality Ladders

    Aren’t we all tempted by all the speciality ladders we see?  Two of the ladders below I showed on my TV show a long time ago.  Checking out these ladders sent me on quite a study of ladders, and updating this article over the years shows how some things die and get reborn.  Ladders sold for home...
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    The Pro Base ladder base -- the BEST self leveling feet for your outdoor ladder.

    When you need to stand a ladder on uneven ground, you always have to mess around to get something sturdy under the feet. Now there is an incredible invention from British Columbia that attaches to the bottom of any ladder. Place it on uneven ground. Step on one of the two release levers and the...
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    Should ladders be placed against windows.

    Wagish wrote to say that he "has observed the workmen building my new home placing ladders against the window panes rather than against the brick wall. Is this safe?"Very simply -- NO. The reason workmen do this is that it allows them to caulk both sides and the top of the window without moving...
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    A home made stand-off for a tall ladder.

    Al from Vernon, BC nails a 2x4 to the top of his extension ladder to be able to span across windows. We made a version of this setup that would work for any long ladder -- a 2x4 on the wall side, a shorter 2x4 on the other side, and two carriage bolts with wing nuts to sandwich it onto the top o...