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    Replacing a rotting door sill.

    Jack wants to know just how a door frame is made, so that he can take his apart. The sill is rotten. Usually, but not always, the sill goes right under the vertical framing. Sometimes the vertical piece is notched into the sill. In either case, you have to either cut out all the rotten wood, or ...
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    Miter Saw Stands

    Miter Saw stands are generally categorized into 4 types of support systems for miter saws: 1) Rail systems that look much like saw horses; 2) fixed or portable tables with the saw bolted into place; 3) hybrids of rails and tables and finally 4) part kits that assemble around a large 2x wood c...
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    Trimming carpet around stair spindles

    For some people, it is a mystery how to measure out the hole you need to cut in a carpet for the spindles or balusters on a stairway. Actually the key is to not measure at all. I recommend that you first practice with a piece of paper. Of course the real rug will be harder to deal with, be...
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    Hiding the screw that holds on the handrail.

    When you screw a handrail to the top of a balustrade you can at times avoid an ugly putty hole covering the screw by driving the screw in from the other side of the vertical post. But when you go into the wall, you may not have a choice.Phil from Ingersoll, Ontario has an interesting suggestion ...
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    What is the right height for wainscoting?

    The books say 32 inches, but there is no reason for that to be a hard and fast rule. However if you make it a lot smaller you will have the impression of being a giant Alice in a tiny Wonderland. If you make it a lot higher, it will dominate the wall.Wainscoting was originally created to protec...
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    Softwood stair railings - a legal problem in Ontario.

    Until recently there were no residential code requirements in Canada about the strength of stair railing, and still none in the residential part of National Building Code. There are requirements about the spacing of spindles -- no opening larger than 4 inches to keep a baby's head from passing t...
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    Placement of Deck stair rails

    Fred from Keswick had built a large deck with a fanned out stairway and was wondering where was the best place to install a hand rail.This TV show was recorded in the early days of the internet and it was rather novel to hold a NetMeeting with Fred on live TV so that we could both draw on the ...