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    Pressure Treated Wood - the new generation

    Have we really moved to a new generation of Pressure Treated Wood? With the introduction of MicroPro treated wood to the Canadian market in the spring of 2013, some are saying that we have a game change in exteriour wood and building decks.  It has taken several years to get this technology adap...
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    How to get moss off roof shingles, and keep it off.

    Jim had an interesting problem with his mother-in-law's house. The 25 year old roof had no moss, ever. Then he re-shingled and the north and east sides have been constantly covered in moss. Why and what to do about it? Zinc impregnated shingles For a bit more money you can buy shingles that hav...
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    How to remove moss from an asphalt and gravel roof.

    2009 update: Safer's De-Moss, specifically made for removing moss, is still available but considered a controlled herbicide in many jurisdictions. If you cannot find it in stores, check GOOGLE.You can't mechanically remove this moss without bothering all the gravel, perhaps even the roof. You n...