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    Attaching a deck to a house

    The old days of stacking structure In the old days, before we had specialized hardware like joist hangers, we would always create beams, or low lying ledger boards and place the joists on top of them with some kind of toe-nail attachment. The arrival of joist hangers When joist hangers came in...
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    Caulking indoors -- part of Air Sealing your home

    Caulking joints on the outside of the house will not save you energy and will not stop cold air drafts. That is because almost all sidings are vented specifically to allow the wind behind the siding to help keep the wall dry. If you do not have a modern sealed house-wrap all around your house und...
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    Should I always use a drip cap over windows?

    Bill from Paradise, Newfoundland writes: "I need to settle a bet between a buddy and myself. When you put in a vinyl window should a drip cap always be used? My buddy never uses one, and claims water never gets in under the window." Well Bill, you win. Yes you should always put a flashing over t...
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    Just how do you install windows properly?

    The reality is that there is not just one good way to install windows, but there are certain principles that must be taken care of with any installation to prevent cold air or water leakage later. Basically a window installation must shed most of the water with the siding, what does get through ...
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    What glue will stick to what?

    Glue or Adhesive? What is the difference between a glue and an adhesive? Only vocabulary, although often Glue is the term used for DIYers and Adhesive for professionals -- or for some Glue is liquid and Adhesive is gunned from a tube with a caulking gun or applied with a notched trowel.  Whether...
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    Many government or crown corporation publications are afraid to ask too much of homeowners both in terms of work and comprehension. They prefer that homeowners do things half-way rather than not at all. When compromises seem to work some of the time, these publications (and many contractors) are ...
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    Weather Restrictions: Plastic Cement / cold applied Roof Patch

    Connect to your favourite weather forecaster and look for the following conditions:   Category: Roofing     Product: Plastic Cement / cold applied Roof Patch Temperature Limitations: Varies by product: Use above -5 C (+23 F) to above freezing Rain Limitations: Varies by product: dry to underw...
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    The smoke test described in the previous answer should be used to verify the presence of typical leaks and discover those peculiar to your own house. Before sealing, read the section on Ventilation to avoid any future condensation problems. The leaks high in the house are not necessarily the lar...
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    Header Flashing End Dams for Windows and Doors

    Welcome to the Eakes' Origami Guide to the Building Code -- or "how to actually build new flashing requirements in the building code". Water leaking in around windows and doors represents one of our major construction problems. The building codes seem to be constantly changing in an effort to mi...
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    What is Air Sealing all about?

    Sealing air drafts, both inside warm air escaping out and outside cold air sneaking in, is one of the most important things you can do to your house. It will both save you heating dollars and protect the structure of your house. This animation gives you a quick and visual overview of the task at ...