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    Tip -- Extending the reach of a caulking gun.

    Have you ever had that impossible to reach crack where you just can't get your caulking gun in?Try taping one of those oversized ice drink straws of some small diamater tubing onto the end of your caulking gun. Make sure you have it well attached, you don't want it squirting off and making a mes...
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    Drill out dead caulking.

    When the caulking in the cartridge is still soft enough to squeeze the outside of the tube but all hardened up in the tip, try using your electric drill to cut a passageway through to the sill soft stuff. If the hard stuff doesn't go too far for your drill to reach, or the nozzle is not cracked ...
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    Should you caulk window trim?

    Rob wrote in saying that he had an Energy Audit done on his house and as part of the energy tune-up, they caulked his window trim down to the wall. Yet he thinks this was a wasted effort because he put the trim on himself and it was just decorative.In most window installations, the trim actually...
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    Picking a caulking gun

    Some caulking guns do have some nifty new details on some of them, like a knife for cutting off the tip of the cartridge or wires to poke holes in the tubes.I don't know why, but the wires are often not long enough to do the job if you cut just a little bit off of the tip. Bad planning. (Years la...
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    Tip - Fill the bathtub before caulking.

    Kim from London, Ontario suggests filling the bathtub with water before caulking between the tub and the tiles.This is a great idea because by the time you add both water and people, your bathtub can weigh over 400 pounds. This can easily cause it to sink just a little bit, the floor bends, the ...
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    A cold weather caulking gun -- Tip

    One of our viewers sent in this tip.Although you can supposedly caulk outdoors even when the temperature is down to almost -10 degrees Celsius, if your caulking material itself is that cold, you won't be able to get it to flow out of the gun, let alone stick to anything.First, keep the caulking a...
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    Cold drafts through a new Patio Door that won't go away.

    Hugh from Vancouver wrote: Our patio door was single glazed and the cold came through it like there was no door there at all. We installed inside storms several years ago and the improvement was like night and day.A couple of years ago, we saw at a local mall show displays of their double g...
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    Window installation choices

    When you're thinking about changing the windows in a house, you need to make one fundamental choice: whether to slide the new window into the old window frame (the first photo), or whether to remove the old window right down to the structure of the house (the second photo) and replace the whole t...
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    How to close a partially used caulking tube.

    Ron from Uxbridge, Ontario suggests putting a golf "T" in the end of a caulking tube to close it off between uses.I had never tried that before so I gave it a rough testing. When the hole in the tube was small enough to be able to force the T into place, it worked quite nicely. If the hole wa...
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    -- Cut the nozzle as small as you need but as large as you can get away with; a small bead is harder to squeeze out of the tube than a larger one.-- Make sure the surface is clean and sound.-- Stuff deep and wide cracks with oakum or fiberglass, or foam backer rods. It is discouraging to see ...