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    What glue will stick to what?

    Glue or Adhesive? What is the difference between a glue and an adhesive? Only vocabulary, although often Glue is the term used for DIYers and Adhesive for professionals -- or for some Glue is liquid and Adhesive is gunned from a tube with a caulking gun or applied with a notched trowel.  Whether...
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    How do you get stubborn stains out of the grout between ceramic tiles?

    Commercial cleaners There are a lot of tile cleaners, even some grout cleaners on the market such as those shown above or the newer cleaner specifically for grout, Oxy-Grout. They work pretty well if you have a stain on grout that had been sealed before the stain, because the stain will be somew...
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    Patching cracks in concrete with epoxy -- a DIY kit

    You know that I don't believe in trying to keep a basement dry by simply patching all the cracks in a wall. First I want to remove as much of the water as possible from the other side with rain gutters on the roof, downspouts running far away from the house and the landscaping slopped away fr...
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    Stone counter tops -- making your own

    You may have seen pebble stone-like floor decorations in some commercial entrance ways. It is made by collecting various textured and coloured, pebble-size stones, from quarries throughout the US and Canada, mixing them with an epoxy binder and laying them out in a continuous or an artistic mosa...
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    What can kill fibreglass?

    We think of anything covered with fibreglass as being almost invincible, yet whether it is a fibreglass boat or a deck, this mixture of glass fibres and epoxy resins has one unrelenting enemy: UV rays from the sun.In the photo you see what a fibreglass skin looks like when put over wood, in a ma...
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    Extending the working time for epoxy mixes.

    Any time you use epoxy glue, resin or putty, you risk wasting whatever you don't use in time before it sets up. The larger the mass of mix that you have, the faster it will set because heat will speed up the hardening and the chemical reaction generates heat and when you have a lump of any epoxy...
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    Use auto body putty for holes in drywall????

    Dave seems to do as much work on his car as his house. He suggested for a real solid patch in drywall, use auto body putty, that epoxy mix that you use to fill a hole in a car body.Dave, I can't go along with this one. This stuff is expensive, hard to apply because it is so plastic like and tak...
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    Can you stain existing tile grout?

    Good questions, since we are usually trying to take stains out of grout.First you should be aware that you can purchase coloured grout. The renovation stores will have three or four base tones to choose from, not too exciting. Go to a speciality tile store and you will discover a wide variety o...
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    Replace the sewer line with a new pipe or an Epoxy liner?

    Broken sewage lines can cause a back-up into the house, but also cause underground pollution outside the house. They do need to be fixed as soon as it is identified that there is a problem. When the line is destroyed by crushing, or shifting ground, or a tree root that has crushed it through ex...
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    What are "injection" repairs for concrete wall cracks?

    Gordon from Montreal writes: I want to seal a crack in my foundation myself using an injection system. I hear there are two types of injection materials and can I do it myself?-------- ReplyYou are right Gordon, the two primary materials used for injection into concrete wall cracks are epoxy and ...