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    How is a "light well" different from a "skylight"?

    I think it would be fair to define a "skylight" as a window in the roof that you can see the sky and clouds through. Some of them now use frosted glazings, so you can't quite see through them, but they are still basically designed like a window with a deep skylight well below them.A "light w...
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    Re-Wiring a Lamp

    We walk through a couple of the tricks on re-wiring a table lamp.First take a close look at the socket fixture and locate the word "PRESS". If you push this point with your thumb, you will be able to remove the socket from its base without any tools or mess.Second learn how to use the old wire t...
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    Kid Switch

    Light switches are not installed with smaller people in mind, even in the kids bedroom. So some creative people in Montreal came up with an invention called Kid Switch. Simply replace the standard face plate with the kid switch plate, and now you can operate the switch at the normal height, or ...
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    Miniature Wood turning: the wood lathe chisel light

    Why did I install a small light bulb on the shaft of a very small wood chisel? I use this on the wood lathe when I turn the inside of very small wine glasses. I turn out all the lights in the shop and the light coming through the wood acts as a dynamic thickness gauge as I remove wood. The int...
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    Removing broken light bulbs from their sockets

    Although half a potato will sometimes actually work to remove a broken light bulb from its socket, the gadget in the photo works every time. It is a rubber tipped socket that fits the center part of the light bulb. The plastic base can be screwed onto a broom stick. Remember if you are looking...