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    Legality of DIY electrical and plumbing work

    NEW CONSTRUCTION In the interests of health and safety a number of trades are controlled by law, most particularly plumbing and electricity. The degree to which plumbing and electrical work are actually regulated varies from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. For instance almost all work performed in...
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    Lighting Dimmer details

    We all like the ability to reduce the intensity of a light, but not all dimmers work on all lights. First a really important distinction: Fan speed controls and light dimmers often look almost identical, but are radically different devices, not to be mixed up at the risk of burning out a motor or...
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    Can I have three light switches controlling one light?

    Chris from Toronto, Ontario writes: "In my new house, the light for the hallway has a switch at the bottom of the stairs and again at the top. The stairs are located at the front of the house and the bedroom is at the back. When we go to bed we have to turn on our bedroom light and then walk back...
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    Re-wiring a lamp.

      Here are a few tips when it comes to re-wiring an old lamp.     Use the existing wire to pull the new wire through. You need to join them in a way that does not create a lump in the wire.           Avoiding a lump On the old pair of wires, cut one wire shorter than the other and s...
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    Hiding Cracks You Cannot Close

      Truss uplift causes cracks between the wall and the ceiling that open and close every year and you cannot plaster or caulk them shut.  For details on the cause and solutions to this problem follow this link. If you cannot do the major work required to prevent this crack from opening, or you j...
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    Installing full sized windows in a basement

    Whether you are building new or renovating, you can have incredible full sized windows in a basement. A standard window well is designed to hold the soil back to allow for a window that goes a few inches below grade. But if you were to radically extend the idea of the window well you can actually...
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    How do you cover up an old chandelier electrical box?

    One viewer wanted to get rid of her centre room chandelier in favour of floor standing lamps. So just how do you cover that hole in the ceiling? First remove all the electrical connections and cap off each wire with a cap or wire connector. If two or three wires are already tied together, keep ...
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    Pot lights: fire hazards and ice dams

    John in Kleinburg, Ontario asked if he should remove insulation from around his pot lights. Actually it is necessary to take the question much further.   HEAT FROM TRADITIONAL POT LIGHTS Pot lights, or recessed lighting fixtures as they are properly called, do create a lot of heat and it is tr...
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    How do you balance a ceiling fan so it won't wobble?

    Oh how many times has the wobbling ceiling fan driven you crazy. Sometimes it is acceptable on one speed but not another. Sometimes it just click, click, clicks so badly that you can't get to sleep. Fixing it is easy, but not fast. There are a large number of things that could be wrong so work yo...
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    Back Lit street numbers & the best night light I have ever found

    Being able to read house numbers at night is quite a hit a miss thing.  This is not only frustrating when you are trying to visit someone, but could be life threatening when an emergency vehicle is looking for a particular house address.    Lighting everything except the number By the good gra...