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    Removing odours: cigarettes - mould - animals - cleaning up after fire or flood = Disaster Restoration

    Whether you are trying to get rid of smoke odours caused by fire or cigarettes, mold infestation, incrusted pet odours, the aftermath of a contagious disease (used to sterilize ambulances) or just preparing an apartment for rent that smells bad - read on. THE CHANGING SCIENCE This article was f...
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    Advanced filtration systems -- portable and installed

    Many people would like to filter the air in their houses in an effort to improve indoor air quality. The most efficient of the furnace filter systems, when it is kept clean, is the electronic air cleaner. As you can see in the first photo, it is a large unit that is installed directly in the fur...
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    Ozone Generators to clean up air quality problems -- good or bad?

    If you listen to the sales people, this is a hot debate. If you talk to Health Canada, this is a settled issue. Isabelle Sauve from Health Canada was as clear as the warnings issued by her department (January 1999) -- devices designed specifically to produce ozone may be dangerous to your h...