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    Skylights that don't leak.

    Skylights are basically windows that are not vertical, but usually closer to horizontal as they sit on top of the roof.  Most are fixed but some open a bit for summer ventilation.  There also exist roof windows which are basically skylights that open wide and are much more common in Europe where ...
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    Installing full sized windows in a basement

    Whether you are building new or renovating, you can have incredible full sized windows in a basement. A standard window well is designed to hold the soil back to allow for a window that goes a few inches below grade. But if you were to radically extend the idea of the window well you can actually...
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    Paint peeling caused by a chimney flashing leak.

    John in Mississauga, Ontario has paint flaking off of his crown molding, and it seems to be related to snow on his roof. As we ran through the details, it turns out that the problem spot is right below a brick chimney that is poorly flashed where the roof meets it. He has put asphalt roof patch ...
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    Insulating a Cathedral Ceiling - OVERVIEW

    Hello Jon, I have a cathedral ceiling with a shingled roof. If I insulate the roof air tight, will the shingles lift and curl as they do on poorly ventilated roofs? The other thought is leaving an 1 1/2 inch space between the roof deck and the insulation  and installing a ridge vent, which give...
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    Weather Restrictions: Elastomeric Liquid Roof Coating

    Connect to your favourite weather forecaster and look for the following conditions:   Category: Roofing     Product: Elastomeric roof coating Temperature Limitations: Use above +5 C (+40 F) and below +26 C (+78 F) -- no freezing for 24 hours Rain Limitations: No rain for 24 hours Wind Limita...
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    Improving lighting for reading.

    "Our kitchen requires 3 to 5 light switches on to be able to read. The lighting is terrible even though we painted the cabinets white and added new fixtures. We don't know how to improve it. a skylight (roof not a very steep level) take down center hanging cabinets ??? or take down wall betwe...
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    More light for better health

    Light in a home that approaches the qualities of sunlight can definitely improve your moods and actually improve your general health. Studies about lighting have shown that the spectrum of the light around us, the actual wavelengths of light, are important and natural fluctuations in intensi...
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    How is a "light well" different from a "skylight"?

    I think it would be fair to define a "skylight" as a window in the roof that you can see the sky and clouds through. Some of them now use frosted glazings, so you can't quite see through them, but they are still basically designed like a window with a deep skylight well below them.A "light w...
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    Why is my skylight full of frost?

    Skylights in a cold climate always cause problems trying to get insulation on the portion of the skylight frame that is above the roof. The more insulation you design into the frame, the smaller the light opening in proportion to the size of the skylight itself, simply because the frame that the...