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    Would installing insulation between the floor joists prevent moisture in the house from a crawl space?

    Harold in New Brunswick has a problem with moisture and mould. He has a bungalow with a 2 foot crawl space. There is no insulation in the floor and no vapour barrier under the floor. He asks if installing insulation between the floor joists prevent moisture in the house?No. Most insulation wi...
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    Air tight electrical boxes

    Vapour Barriers should go on the "Warm in Winter" side of the insulation so that they can stop all the moisture in the air from going through the wall, but stop it where it is still warm and there will be no condensation. The problem is that a lot of air, and a lot of moisture can go through ele...
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    Double walls and buried vapour barriers.

    June is building a new home in Kenora and they have decided to make what is often called a double wall structure to have room for lots of insulation. They are intending to build with 2x6 walls and then add another 2x4 on the inside to hold more insulation. They have been told that they could do...
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    Insulating an old house and more.

    I don't often answer all the details of a long letter, especially not with the time constraints that we have on television. But Larry from Sydney Mines, Nova Scotia wrote such a coherent detailed letter about the 80 years old very cold home that he just bought that I thought I would just wade in...
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    How do you insulate a double brick wall?

    Ed and Sharon in Manitoba just bought an old house in Manitoba and it is very cold, there doesn't seem to be any insulation in the walls at all. They have been told that it was double brick construction with plaster on the inside. Well friends, it was probably built by someone from Toronto who ...
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    It is all wet behind the shower tiles. Why?

    Ed writes from Ajax, Ontario : All 3 walls of my bathroom shower stall are finished with 4" ceramic tiles and are in good shape. When I had to remove one of them, I discovered that the drywall was behind it was so wet that I had to put a fan on it over night to dry it out before I could glue...
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    Where to put the vapour barrier in a special renovation.

    Michael from Edmonton added a second story to his house and has a question about the vapour barrier in one particular place. But first of all you have to see the video he sent us showing how he built and installed the roof! It was built, and even shingled, on the ground and then he used a crane...
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    Wet insulation in the basement.

    Joan insulated her basement using dense insulation made for steel doors, then discovered moisture behind the vapour barrier and is worrying if it is the insulation that is causing the problem.No Joan, there can be lots of reasons for moisture in a basement wall, and even the researchers are tr...
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    Example: Styrofoam products by Dow (by the way, Styrofoam is a Dow Chemical brand name and not a generic term for foam insulation).Colour: Blue (Dow) or Pink (Celfort)Thermal Resistance: RSI - .035/mm R - 5.0/in. Very high.Cost: highCapacity to dry out if wet: Won't get wetFire Resis...
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    Styrofoam (which is actually a Dow Chemical brand name of extruded polystyrene) is a fairly good vapour barrier. It will not cause problems in the Canadian climate if you put on at least 1-1/2 inch thick and preferably in 2 ft. x 8 ft sheets applied horizontally. This actually permits some ...