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  • Choosing a caulking gun.

    In this segment we ran through all the different features available in caulking guns. There are a lot of choices and a lot of prices. You can get good, or bad, incremental movement from the trigger. If the gun forces you to squeeze far before getting a fresh grip, it will tire out your hand. So...
  • Getting torque on a screw driver

    Grabbing a screw handle or shaft with a pair of clamping pliers to get some torque usually leaves nasty scars on the screwdriver. Try simply drilling a hole through the handle that will receive a standard screwdriver shaft. That turns the screwdriver into a "T" drive tool, and leaves no sharp e...
  • Cutting Fence Posts square

    To cut a fence post square, mark the cut out on all four sides. Then use a hand saw or circular saw to cut about half an inch deep on one line, roll over to the next side and cut that line half and inch deep and keep working your way around the post. Don't go too deep with each pass and the saw...
  • Plastic Cap for a Hammer Head

    This weird little tool is a hard plastic cap that snaps over a regular hammer head. This is not to protect the hammer, nor to protect the wood. This is to protect the nails. It is used with painted nails as well as decorative nails.
  • A hot glue gun that runs on propane

    This hot glue gun runs for 75 minutes on a propane recharge. You can even adjust the temperature of the hot glue. G800C Butane Gas Cordless Glue Gun $39.95 from Marcan Adhesives Corp. in Montreal.
  • A grout cutter for your Dremel

    Here is a special bit and guide to put on your Dremel. It is specifically made to remove grout from between ceramic tiles, quickly and easily. Grout Removal Attachment Kit
  • A portable re-bar bending tool

    Hitichi let me play with a prototype of a portable machine that will bend re-bar to any shape you want, with absolutely no effort. Expensive and used for heavy construction sites -- but a really nifty gadget. It is like playing with re-bar like they were paper clips.
  • A cordless machine for cutting all-thread clean

    Here is a battery operated machine that makes clean cuts in all sizes of continuous thread bolts, leaving them ready to receive the nuts - made by Hitachi.
  • One hand edge clamping, with power

    This is a great one handed edge clamp. You put the large "C" shaped gadget over the wood and begin to turn the handle. The upper and lower clamping pads move in to grab the main sheet. Once they grip, then the side clamp moves forward to secure the trim on the edge. When they have all gripped...
  • A hole saw big enough for a 6" ventilation duct!

    This is a special story. The biggest hole saw you can find on the shelves of hardware stores across Canada is 6 inches. All the companies stop at 6. But you can't put the new 6" ventilation ducts through a 6 inch hole, you need a little more. So I personally pushed Starrett Tools to see if they...