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  • Fixing a chair that won't sit flat on the floor

    Before you start fixing anything, you really need to know if it is the chair or the floor that wobbles. If the chair only wobbles in one or two spots in the room, it is probably the floor that is out of line.   CHECKING THE FLOOR To check the floor, either use a laser beam or a string line tha...
  • Temporary Tools - Dust - Paint - Nailing

      DUST PROTECTION - TEMPORARY DOOR OR ARCH CLOSURE Often when we are working on home improvements, we need temporary fixes. One that many of us use is that plastic shrinkable window cover for stopping winter drafts.   One plastic covering that is less well known is a construction doorway.  Th...
  • Cutting crown moldings with a mitre saw.

    Cutting crown moldings can be simple and it can be difficult. First you want to check if the corner you are putting the molding into is in fact 90 degrees. If you don't check that you can get real frustrated with your mitre saw. 88 or 92 degree walls require different mitre cuts. Over the years...
  • Table Saw Basics

    Table Saw Basics