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Compare metal to acrylic bathtubs.

Viewers have asked me to list the pros and cons of acrylic and metal bathtubs, so here goes.

The big old cast iron tubs are probably the most durable tubs you can buy. However, if you don't want it as a stand alone tub, that rolled rim on the top makes it very difficult to frame into a bathroom and water and grim often accumulate on any surface next to the tub. You can't use a shower with it unless you have a 360 degree around shower curtain.

Acrylic tubs:

- Reasonably Durable

- Easy cleaning

- Retains heat better than metal (although both can be insulated below)

- Great variety

Enamelled steel tubs:

- Long lasting

- Generally less expensive that equivalent quality vinyl

- Chips easily and doesn't repair well

- Loses heat quickly

Probably the greatest advantage for the vinyl tubs is the wide variety of shapes and sizes that you can get: form fitted to your body, soap shelves, deep soaker tubs and the like.

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