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Zoom Consultation - Transition between floors at slightly different levels

Video conferencing, like Zoom, is known for head-to-head talks, but it is also a dynamic tool for interactive inspections, remote on-site consultations, and remote on-site teaching.    In 2016 I tried to start a Zoom interactive webinar but back then, not many people were comfortable with video conferencing; we were too far ahead of the times. Now, thanks to the pandemic, everyone is plugged into one video conferencing medium or another.  Today I do most of my trouble shooting home inspections by Zoom and am beginning to do beginner apprentice or teaching sessions as well. Follow this link to see details on setting up a Zoom interactive session with me.

The following videos are complete excerpts from that Webinar series on Transition between floors at slightly different levels.    Follow this link to see a montage of 5 different Zoom inter-active consultations.


Transition between floors at slightly different levels

Looking back on this first video I saw one thing I did not talk about.  She had raised her kitchen floor up and totally leveled it, but the rest of the house has an old sloping sub-floor that she was just going to put ½” plywood over.  That detail makes the transition piece I showed her even more important, as in general it will slop down from the higher floor to the lower floor, but it will be thinner at the right side of the archway than at the left side of the archway.  That makes a custom cut transition piece not only a good idea, but a necessary idea.  She will need to establish the general shape of the piece and then with a hand plane, or electric hand planner, sculpture the top surface into a twist.

After installing all the hardwood flooring, she could put in a thick board that would fit flat on the lower floor and fill the space, then scribe a pencil mark on this piece along the upper and lower floors.  That will clearly define where she needs to shave off wood to have a transition not only from two different levels, but with two different slopes.  No calculating, no angles.  Get a good fit of an oversized piece and then plane it down to match the floors.


Floor layout transitions through doorways

In the second video I go on to describe planning ahead when laying flooring continuously between rooms.  How do you want it to look in the transition between rooms.


Changing direction with T&G flooring

This third video is added in only to complete the topic.  Since it is easiest to start at a doorway and work you way across the room, hiding the last odd sized board on the far wall, how can you flip the direction of the Tongue and Groove at the doorway, so you can lay boards starting at the doorway in both directions? 


You Can Do It

Remember that this homeowner is a fine handywoman but not a professional tradesperson, and not a camera professional either.  Sometimes in video conferences we discuss if the homeowner has the skills necessary to do a good job, or who they should hire – knowing, discovering or increasing your abilities as well as understanding your limitations is essential to a successful job.

Yes, you can do this as easily as recording your grand kids dancing.  Today we all have this technology, let’s use it in a way we have never done before.


Enjoy the videos




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