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    How do you silence a squeaking floor?

    Here's an animation that helps to show you why floors squeak and what you might be able to do to solve the problem.
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    A special screw device for squeaking floors

    You have probably seen this gadget called Squeeek-No-More in the store or at home show demos and wondered if it actually works. It does, under certain conditions. The idea is to drive a screw into the floor, perhaps right through the rug, have the threads hold in both the floor joist and in the ...
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    Fixing a squeaky ceramic floor?

    A squeaky ceramic floor is a particularly difficult problem because you really cannot fix it from the top down, and if you don't fix it, it will eventually break the grout if not the floor tiles because of the movement of the floor.Squeaking is caused by something rubbing, often the floor boards ...
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    Screwing down Squeeky Floors -- use a Pocket Jig?

    Leo writes: Hey Jon, my year old house has squeaky ceramic floors in random areas, the sub floor was to be screwed down to prevent this but when I look from the basement I can see the screws poking through were they have missed the floor joist. After complaining, the builder stuck some shimmi...
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    Solving Squeaking Floors -- Part two

    Brian is back with his squeaking floor -- see Just Ask Jon Eakes, Season 3 Episode 15 for the original problem.I had asked him to use a broom stick as a stethoscope to get a precise location on the squeak. He did me one better and used his kid's toy stethoscope, which worked wonderfully. The ...
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    Squeaking Floors

    Brian in Mississauga wakes his kid up every night because the bedroom floor squeaks so badly. Brian send me his floor plan, showing a large stairwell opening in line with the problem bedroom and no support walls below. He already screwed the plywood down to the floor, to no avail.Before we c...
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    Quieting squeaking floors

    Squeaking floors are not always possible to make quiet, but there are different ways to attack different floors.If it is simply plywood over the joists, as with most modern floors, and you have no floor covering or a rug, you can use special screws with special guides that put the screw just th...