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    Prepairing concrete prior to painting.

    "How can I paint my concrete floor when there's white powder on it?" White powder is salt deposits called efflorescence that is there because high quantities of moisture are migrating through the floor. You need to solve the water problem first or no paint will stick. So find out why there is wa...
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    Brick pillars with efflorescence.

    Heather asked: "I have a 75 year old brick semi. I've noticed that on one of the pillars there's white powder. I'm wondering what it is and how to prevent it?"I assume that her pillars are on her front porch. We took some brick and soaked it in salt water. When it dried, the salt was all over...
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    What is that white stuff on my basement wall?

    Judy has a pretty messy basement wall and has had several expensive estimates for fixing it.It almost looks like a mould or a fungus growing out of it, starting at a definite line quite high up on the wall.When I looked through the window I could see that the white stuff was starting about a foot...
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    The tiles on my large concrete deck are buckling.

    Drew from Moffat, Ontario has a very large concrete deck 10 feet in the air, covered with ceramic tiles. For some strange raison, six of the tiles have buckled up, several years after they were glued in place.They have been there for several years, so it would not be caused by the deck shrinking...
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    White buildup under crawlspace

    I got Dino from North York, Ontario on the phone to talk about his crawlspace. He has a split level home and below the upper split is a crawlspace with a concrete floor. He never seemed to have a problem until he decided to finish this space and use it for storage. He put vinyl tiles on th...
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    Strange white stuff around the patch on my concrete wall.

    Ed from Quesnel, B.C. had patched a leak in his concrete wall. It worked -- no more water. But now a strange white stuff has developed all around the patch. What is happening?Obviously he has succeeded in stopping the water from entering his basement, but he has not eliminated the presence ...