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    Ventilation Strategies for Covid-19 and other air borne health problems

    Posted October 9, 2020 Because of the seriousness of the issue, I want to take a moment to present my credentials other than that guy that has been on TV and radio for 42 years.  In the 1980’s I was one of the primary instructors for the R-2000 energy efficiency program teaching contractors acro...
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    What is the proper level of humidity for a house in the winter?

    Victor from Stoney Creek, Ontario writes: "My house is a 3 level back split and is 3 years old. The furnace is natural gas. I am having problems with condensation and mould on my thermal windows! The window manufacturer said that there is too much humidity and that thermal windows always get cond...
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      Montreal winters are uncomfortably cold;           while in Saskatoon it is even colder but more comfortable Montreal summers are uncomfortably hot ;           while in Arizona it is even hotter but more comfortable Why?  It is all about Relative Humidity. If we come to understand humidit...
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    Calibrating your Hygrometer

    Yes you can check if your hygrometer or humidistat is giving you the right readings. Mix into a glass, one part water to two parts salt -- like 1/4 cup water to 1/2 cup salt. Mix it thoroughly. Now put this glass and the hygrometer into a sealed plastic bag at 22 degrees C, room temperature. Wait...
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    Keeping water fresh in a humidifier.

    Olive Taylor from Calgary, Alberta opened her home to our cameras and then amazed us with her self engineered improvements to her furnace humidifier.She didn't like the idea of stale water just sitting in the bottom of that drum type humidifier so first she scrapped the cheap float valve for a be...
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    West Coast crawl spaces and high humidity.

    Gills writes from South Surrey, B.C.:Problem: High humidity in a crawl space. What do you suggest to reduce this problem. Info: Rancher style home (single level), 1800 sq.ft. Crawl space: 6 ft. high, concrete floor No windows The only existing opening is a 6 inch pipe going out side.---------...
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    Melamine Paint -- Plastic Enamel -- and getting paint smooth.

    Every paint is formulated to maximize some special characteristic, and that often means sacrificing other desirable characteristics in that particular paint. No one paint can be everything to everybody.One of the most common trade-offs in making paint is "ease of application" vs. "durability".Pl...
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    The only type of dehumidifier that is any good at all during the winter is a fresh air ventilation system. Mechanical and chemical dehumidifiers are not only expensive and bothersome, but they cannot generally reduce the relative humidity to less than 50 per cent -- not low enough to keep frost ...
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    In Canada, other than on the lower mainland of British Columbia and on Sable Island, it is impossible to maintain a comfortable level of humidity in the house and not have frost on single-pane windows most of the winter.Using two panes of glass allows the inner pane to be warmer than the outer on...