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    How do you stop mice from coming into the house?

      Susan from Calgary, Alberta has mice that just keep coming into her house. She knows where they get in and would like to block the entrance. She wonders if the foam in a can would stop them.               No. They will eat right through it. But if you mix the foam in a can, or caul...
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    Cleaning up pet and rodent odours

       SKUNKS    Although the solution for pet urine below can help with skunks, the most efficient I have found are speciality products from a Québec company SOS ODEURS.  They have shampoos for your rugs and the fur of your pets, but they also have spray on solutions for the hard surfaces and lan...
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    Investigation Techniques

    THE ALMOND MYSTERY Updated-- 20 almonds soaked in water overnight are good for my wife’s and my health.  But when there are only 14 almonds in the bowl in the morning I was getting accused of old age distraction.  Next day 20 in the bowl, next day 20 in the bowl – I guess it was my distractive ...
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    Mice in the house.

    This TV viewer sounded very unhappy. So I sent my staff and camera out to find out more about getting rid of mice, and we discovered some very interesting things.Mice can live several years, and make up to 65+ babies. Does that make you more comfortable?You can kill them in a snap catch, you ca...
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    How to get squirrels out of the attic?

    One of our viewers asks the question for a friend of hers, how do you get squirrels out of the attic?First you must prepare to keep them out, even if they are already well nested in your warm comfortable attic. That means installing solid screen mesh over every possible entry -- some of the mo...
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    Removing Squirrels from your attic

    This photo shows a one way door, installed right where the squirrels go into the attic. After the squirrels have left, the door will be removed but the solid wire left to keep them from getting right back into this very thin roof vent. You should not install such a one way door in the spring whe...
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    Pest Control

    Pest control companies generally divide into two categories: insects and small pests that one wants to exterminate; rodents and larger animals that should be captured and released.When store bought remedies fail to work, you need the help of a professional. They will have different chemicals...
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    Animal-Proofing Your Home

    Brad Gates from AAA Wildlife in Toronto talked about the hazards wild animals can present to the health of your home and yourself and he showed how he traps or exits the animals.One critical and poorly known health item is that Raccoon feces often contains worms that can be fatal to humans! T...