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    Wash Down low flow dual flush toilets use water differently!

    Low flow toilets: do they work? do they not work? This is an ongoing very interesting debate. This history of the evolution was first written in 2001.  For the latest updates on this story and current data on toilets that do work, click here. The average Canadian household uses between 7 hundred...
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    All kinds of water flow problems.

    Several viewers are complaining about low water pressure in old houses. Old steel pipe tends to collect corrosion and calcium on the walls, enough to slowly choke off the flow of water. A look at the graphic shows what happens to water flow compared to a clean new 1/2 inch pipe. When it becomes r...
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    Septic systems for problem lands.

    In a previous show we saw the actual installation of a Waterloo Biofilter Septic System at a cottage where there simply was not enough room, nor enough soil (because of bedrock) for a traditional leaching field. In this segment we visited with the geological engineer Craig Jowett who left Waterl...
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    An alternative septic installation at a cottage.

    One viewer bought a cottage to discover that the septic system consisted of a tank in the basement that had to be pumped out all the time. They were on rocky terrain so a traditional septic tank and large leaching field would not work. Pumping out that tank, like with a house trailer, was a real ...
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    Forming an epoxy pipe, inside an existing sewer pipe.

    Some plumbers just keep on plumbing, and some, like Phil Groves Sewer Services from Burlington, Ontario keep looking for new ways to do old things. So Phil has a sewer camera that lets you see what is blocking your sewer line. He has a scanning device that allows him to walk across the front la...
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    Problems with roots in a leaching field

    Chris from Welland, Ontario has problems with his leaching field plugging up. He has cleaned out the roots, but how can he keep them from growing back.The problem is that anything that would kill the roots will at the same time kill the bacteria that is necessary for the septic tank to work. Th...