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Last Updated: , Created: Sunday, January 14th, 2001

Forming an epoxy pipe, inside an existing sewer pipe.

Some plumbers just keep on plumbing, and some, like Phil Groves Sewer Services from Burlington, Ontario keep looking for new ways to do old things. So Phil has a sewer camera that lets you see what is blocking your sewer line. He has a scanning device that allows him to walk across the front lawn and determine precisely where and at what depth a problem is located. That means only digging up what must be dug up. And now he has gone even further and picked up a special system from Nu Flow Technologies that allows you to form a smooth new epoxy pipe right inside your freshly cleaned out old pipe, to keep everything flowing better.

A cloth pipe is soaked in epoxy resin, it is then placed around a special bladder and pulled through the sewer pipe, right to the septic tank or the city sewer line, and then the bladder is blown up with air, forming a perfect seamless, jointless pipe for the full length of your drain pipe. The epoxy sets, the bladder is deflated and pulled back out. Nothing leaks out through old joints, so it does not encourage, or even allow, roots to get in. And everything flows better because of the smooth jointless drain pipe. All of that, without digging up your landscaping! That is technology worth taking a look at.

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